Ready To Create Job Replacing Income Through Property?

Welcome to the Property Money Machine

I’ve taken my years of experience and packed it into 45 videos of structured, actionable content, giving you everything you need to go from property novice, to successful investor.
In these 7 step-by-step modules, I’ll teach you how to generate +£1,000 a month per property and create the income you need to live life on your own terms. 

What you will get:

  • 45 Videos of structured, actionable content
  • 7 Step-By-Step Modules
  • All the systems and documents you'll need to secure your first property
  • 14 Day Money Back Guarantee!
  • ​ BONUS Material! FREE access to my exclusive Facebook Group

This year we've helped over 1,000 people fast-track their property success!

Nathalie Adeleke

“I secured my first Property Money Machine within 3 weeks of our training, and now have 4 earning me £4,000 profit every month. I don't need to work any more!"

Nick Hobbis

“I honestly thought HMOs were too advanced for me as I didn’t have any property experience…
…but I’ve bought 1 HMO using Other People's Money and it makes me £29,400 per year”

Emma Ley

“I got my very first property 'No Money Down' in just 2 weeks with Jamie Madill.
I now have 3 and I make £30,000 a year from property I don’t own!”

What you will discover:

Module 1
Build Your Foundations

☑ Identify Your Business Values
☑ Set Up Your Business Foundation
☑ Identify Your Perfect Business Area

Module 2
Build Your Partnerships

☑ Identify Your Support Network
☑ How To Find Property Online
☑ How To Work With Property Owners & Agents

Module 3 Learning
Build Your Pipeline
☑ How To View Properties Effectively
☑ How To Evaluate A Property Deal
☑ Identify What Your Costs Will Be

Module 4 Learning
Build Your Brand

☑ See How Interior Design Can Differentiate
☑ Finding Your All Important Power Team
☑ Getting The Job Done

Module 5 Learning
Build Your Launch

☑ Preparing Your Marketing
☑ Getting Your Advertising Right
☑ Opening Your Doors 

Module 6 Learning
Build Your Business

☑ Systems and Software
☑ Leveraging and Outsourcing
☑ Set Your Business Plan & Your Future

BONUS MODULE - Finance and Funding
 ☑ How HMO's are Valued
☑ Secure Finance from ☑ Mortgage Lenders and ☑ Private Investors
 ☑Discover How to Recycle Your Cash

Ready to create your financial Independence?

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